Staging 101 – 3 Tier Straight Standing Choir Riser

Capacity 12 to 16 people. 12 if standing on tiers, 16 if using the floor in front as first row.

3 tier straight standing choir risers consist of 3 separate riser panels in 20cm, 40cm and 60cm heights. They are available in a Carpet or Industrial finish and with or without a rear guardrail option. Multiple units are easily connected to suit the number of choir members.

A single choral riser platform (for example, 1.8mtr long x 0.45mtr deep) normally fits four adults or five to six children. So, if, for instance, you order a 2-wide and 3-high choral riser – a total of six connected platforms. You will accommodate 24 adults or 30 children on the average.


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