2m x 2m Drum Riser 40cm High

IntelliStage’s Drum Riser kits offer a simple, portable, and rugged solution for elevating a drum kit for greater output while also adding a nice touch of visual flair to your stage setup. This 4sqm kit comes complete with four 1m x 1m carpeted stage platforms and matching 40cm high risers with all the necessary hardware to assemble the kit. This means that you get a total of 4sqm of working room, which is ideal for smaller drum kit setups.

Choose from 20cm, 30cm, 40cm & 60cm heights.


Type: 1×1
Finish: Carpet / Industrial / Tuffcoat
Qty Per Pack: 1
Component List: Platforms (4pcs), Risers (4pcs)
*Shipping weight and dimensions may include shipping pallet.


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