Stage guard rails and handrails for added safety

Guard Rails act as a visual and physical barrier, helping to ensure performers don’t fall off the edge.

Intellistage™ Guard Rails are sold in 1 metre wide, modular sections so you can simply add additional units if the size and configuration of your stage changes..



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Portable Stage Guard Rails

If safety is your concern, our portable stage guard rails are the perfect addition to your stage system. Designed to keep performers safe guard rails come in master packs of 2 pieces and fit our stage platforms.

Mounting guard rails is a snap! All our Stage platforms come standard with pre-marked and semi-drilled holes so if you decide to add guard rails, all you do is drill holes in the pre-marked templates found on the platforms and mount your guardrails with special designed mounting screws.

Guard rail panel for 1 x 1 m. platforms w/ mounting hardware (2 pcs per master pack).

  • Finish: Black:
  • Guardrails: 1m wide
  • Qty Per Pack: 2
  • Component List: Guardrails (2pcs)
  • Product Dimensions (exterior): 7.6 x 121.9 x 106.7 cm / 3 x 48 x 42 in
  • Product Weight (exterior): 18.4 kgs / 40.6 lbs


Guard Rail Assembly 101;

Completely set up your stage with drilled guard rail platforms before beginning the next steps.

1.) Align guard rail with holes and slide rail onto platform.
2.) Secure guard rail with bolt and large hex key as shown. Secure all guard rails to platforms before proceeding.
3.) Couple side guard rails together with IS2SMB (included w/rail packages) hardware and a small hex key.
4.) Where applicable couple corner guard rails together with IS2CMB hardware (sold separately) and a small hex key. To assemble steps, follow the same procedure.

Note: Do not use guard rails on folding platforms.


Finish: Black:
Guardrails: 1 Meter Wide
Qty Per Pack: 2
Component List: Guardrails (2pcs)

Product Dimensions (exterior): 7.6 x 100 x 106.7 cm / 3 x 39.4 x 42 in
Product Weight (exterior): 16 kgs / 35.3 lbs

Shipping Dimensions* (exterior): 116.8 x 116.8 x 12.7 cm / 46 x 46 x 5 in
Shipping Weight* (exterior): 17 kgs / 37.4 lbs
*Shipping weight and dimensions may include shipping pallet.

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