Proflex Telescopic Stage Legs

Proflex staging features unique height adjustable legs that can be set up in a wide range of heights. This feature also allows Proflex staging to be setup on uneven terrain. They are constructed from a high grade aluminium and feature a rubber foot. Stage legs range from as low as 40cm all the way up to 200cm! One of the highest available in the industry.

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To use, simply extend the leg to the desired height using the inbuilt ruler, then lock off the leg by turning the primary locking dial.
Plug each leg into the four corner brackets on the underside of your stage platform and secure into place. Flip the panel upright and make any minor height adjustments at this point, then once the stage is completely level, tighten the secondary locking nut on the leg. Now you are ready to go!

  • PFTL1 – Telescopic Leg Adjustable from 40cm to 60cm.
  • PFTL2 – Telescopic Leg Adjustable from 50cm to 80cm.
  • PFTL3 – Telescopic Leg Adjustable from 60cm to 100cm.
  • PFTL4 – Telescopic Leg Adjustable from 80cm to 140cm.
  • PFTL5 – Telescopic Leg Adjustable from 100cm to 180cm.

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