Proflex Fixed Height Legs

Proflex Fixed Height Legs.

Our fixed height square come in whatever height you require. The fixed height legs have a simple design and are the most cost effective leg option for our Proflex stage system. Mostly suitable for indoors but can be used outdoors on level ground.


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Choose fixed height legs if you need a simple, plug in and go leg option. The fixed height legs are pre-cut to your desired height making it easy to setup your portable stage. ProFlex fixed height legs are sturdy, versatile, and allow for quick and easy stage installation no matter the performance or configuration.

Square legs are constructed from high-grade aluminium box section, they’re cut to your specified height and come non-marking ABS plastic feet to protect your floors.

To use, simply plug each leg into the four corner brackets on the underside of your stage platform and secure into place. Flip the panel upright and your stage module is ready to go.

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Width: 60 mm
Depth: 60 mm
Diameter of the pipe: 60x60x2 mm

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