Guard Rail Side Mounts

Guard Rail side mounting hardware; Connect the guard rail sections together with our special guardrail to guardrail connecting hardware.

Intellistage guard rails are the prefect addition to your stage system. Designed to keep performers safe, our guard rails are sold in modular sections and are available for our stage platforms and our step platforms. All stage platforms come standard with pre-marked holes, so if you decide to add guard rails-installation is a snap.

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Guard Rail Side Mounting

Guard Rail Side to Side Mounting Hardware (2 pcs per pack) Used to attach portable stage guardrails panels together.

  • Finish: Black:
  • Qty Per Pack: 1
  • Component List: Side Brackets (2pcs)
  • Product Weight (exterior): 0.2 kgs / 0.5 lbs
  • Shipping Weight* (exterior): 0.2 kgs / 0.5 lbs


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