Equilateral Triangle Stage Risers

Equilateral triangle stage platforms and risers are perfect for catwalk stages and runways. Risers are available in 20cm, 30cm, 40cm, 60cm and 80cm heights.


  • Finish: Aluminum and Nylon.
  • Qty: Per Pack: 1.
  • Component List: Riser (1pc).


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Equilateral Triangle Stage Risers.

Equilateral triangle stage risers and platforms are perfect for catwalks and runways.

Risers are available in heights of 20cm, 40cm, 60cm and 80cm.

Our Intellistage risers have cleverly used the strength of multiple triangles in their design to allow for unprecedented weight distribution. This original design enables the unit to support up to 750kgs per square meter when connected to an Intellistage stage platform. This is one of the highest load ratings in the industry.


What sizes stage platforms are available? Intellistage platforms are available in 1mtr × 1mtr and 2mtr ×1mtr. Steps, triangles and quarter round platforms are also available.

What finishes are available? Stage platforms are available in a grey carpet finish, black textured industrial finish or a rugged black tuffcoat finish.

How much weight can an Intellistage platform support? Intellistage platforms are capable of supporting up to 757 kgs per sqm. The total weight load a platform can support ultimately depends on the platforms overall size.

How tall are the Intellistage risers? Intellistage risers are offered in 20cm, 30cm, 40cm, 60cm and 80cm heights. Intellistage risers can be double stacked to increase the stage height through the use of our ISREK hardware.


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