Staging 101 – 2m x 4m Stage (8sqm)

Staging 101 Basic Stage System – 8sqm (4pcs. of 2m x 1m platforms). Height adjustable stage legs from 40cm – 60cm or 60cm to 80cm. Carpet Finish stage platforms.

This economical, modular staging comes in 2m x 1m modular sections and is constructed from a high grade tubular steel frame with a solid plywood deck and features folding lock-in-place  telescoping legs that can be height adjusted to 2 different heights.

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Staging 101 – Stage Kit

Our panels feature a strong continuous tubular frame construction that produces a seamless support structure.

This kit consists of: 4x. 2m x 1m stage platforms

Type: 2x1m Stage Platforms
Height Adjustable: 40 to 60cm or 60cm to 80cm
Guardrails, Skirts & Steps: Sold separately
Qty Per Pack: 1

*Shipping weight and dimensions may include shipping pallet.


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