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Intellistage stage systems consist of modular, lightweight platforms and collapsible risers that can be combined to create custom stages in various heights and configurations.


Lightweight 13kg 1sqm stage platforms can be carried and assembled by one person.


1sqm stage platforms fit in most cars and offer easy handling and storage.


Full range of accessories including storage cases, steps, skirts and ramps.


Compact, lightweight and one person setup!

Our portable stage platforms and risers are so lightweight and compact that a stage can easily be assembled quickly in a matter of minutes by just one person!


Stage panel connectors

Stage platforms lock together using an integrated platform interlocking system.


Intellistage - Folding Legs

Our unique accordion style folding risers provide sturdy support for your stage platforms.


stage curtains

Accessories include steps, skirts, guardrails, chair stops and spare parts.


portable stage transport and storage case

Transport and storage systems including protective cases, trolleys, caster boards and accessory cases.


Platforms are available in a heavy duty charcoal grey carpet finish or black textured Industrial finish.



Platforms and risers are so compact that they can store in a 1sqm footprint!

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Intellistage platforms are available in several shapes and sizes. Featuring multiple layer sandwich construction. 9mm high-density plywood, 7.5 mm honeycomb grid and 4mm high-density plywood with an aluminum profile on all sides.

Each platform can support up to 757 kgs per sqm. (Expo certificate for 757 kgs per sqm). Platforms are available in a grey carpet finish, black textured industrial finish or rugged black Tuffcoat finish and lock together using an integrated platform interlocking system.

Sizes (Euro);

  • 2mtr x 1mtr.
  • 1mtr x 1mtr.
  • 1mtr x 0.5mtr.
  • 1mtr isosceles and 90 degree triangles triangles.
  • Quarter rounds.
  • Folding platforms.
  • 1mtr long step platforms.

Our unique accordion-style folding stage risers definitely up-stage the competition!

Deceptively lightweight, compact and strong. Risers lock securely into our stage platforms via special platform locking screws. To top it off, riser height can be easily increased up to 64″ or 160cm high using our option ISREK riser coupler (*for safety never couple more than 2 risers). There are risers available to compliment all of our different stage platform shapes; square, triangle, quarter round and steps.

  • Brushed aluminum finish.
  • Sizes; 20cm, 30cm, 40cm, 60cm and 80cm.

What sizes platforms are available?
Intellistage platforms are available in 1mtr x 1mtr and 2mtr x 1mtr internationally. Steps, triangles and quarter round platforms are also available.

What finishes are available?
Platforms are available in a grey carpet finish, black textured industrial finish or a rugged black Tuffcoat finish.

How much weight can an Intellistage platform support?
Intellistage platforms are capable of supporting 757 kgs per sqm. The total weight load a platform can support ultimately depends on the platforms overall size.

How tall are Intellistage risers and what is the maximum safe stage height setup?
Intellistage risers are offered in 20cm, 30cm, 40cm, 60cm and 80cm. Intellistage risers can be double stacked to increase the stage height through the use of our ISREK hardware. The max height that an Intellistage system can be setup is 160cm.

Are riser heights adjustable?
Riser heights are not adjustable, however risers are interchangeable meaning a single platform could be placed on either an 8″ riser or a 32″ riser. Risers can also be stacked on top of each other to increase their height (up to two risers) through the use of ISREK hardware.

Will steps be required for my stage configuration and is any additional hardware required?
We recommend the use of steps on stages taller than 8″ or 20cm. Each step also requires 1 package of ISSJ hardware to properly secure it to its adjoining step or stage.

How are platforms locked or secured together?
Each Intellistage platform has an integrated locking mechanism that secures all platforms together. The mechanism is operated through the use of an Allen wrench hex key that is provided with each platform. For storage the hex key stores away into the aluminum stage profile.

How are platforms locked or secured to risers?
Intellistage platforms lock to risers at platform corners through the use of an Allen wrench hex key that is provided with each platform.

How much room does an Intellistage system take up when stored?
In most cases an Intellistage system never takes up a larger footprint than a single platform. All components can be stacked and stored neatly for minimal storage space required.

Intellistage Demonstration

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