Mobile/Folding Choral Risers

Our new mobile folding choral risers feature built-in wheels, letting you fold them up and easily roll them from place to place. If your risers will be taken down or moved around frequently, these may be a suitable option. These new choir risers allow for fast and simple set up by one person and compact storage. Choose from 3 tiers or 4 tiers choral risers in a straight or wedged configuration. Includes rear guard rails for added safety. (Optional side rails also available)

Roll your risers from place to place on heavy-duty locking wheels that also let you easily position each unit for performances. Connect two or more Staging 101 Mobile Choral Risers to create custom arrangements.

Our Staging 101 choir riser panels are available in two finishes; Carpet decks are covered in a short-pile, heavy duty grey carpet. Or Industrial finish (black non-slip) adds a durable, non-slip surface to your choir riser deck. Industrial finish are easy to clean and water resistant (though not entirely waterproof), which makes them perfect for outdoor assemblies and performances.

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